Over 40 Men Dating BBW Women

The world of dating can be a fickle sphere. Society tends to gear itself to a certain demographic when it comes to dating and relationships. Thin and young seem to be the cookie cutter norms when society depicts lovable females. But what if you do not fit into that physical mold? Taking a step back and actually looking at society, plus sized women are the realistic norm in the big ‘Dating Pool of Life’. Mature men do not fit in the popular demographic, either.  They are an untapped resource. An unexplored ‘pool’ waiting to be discovered.

Mature men are some of the sexiest men you will find on earth. Don’t believe it? Even in People Magazine, 7 of the men chosen for Sexiest Man on Earth in the past 10 years have been men over the age of 40. Why are they thought to be sexier than their younger competition? Because they are comfortable in their own skin. They know their life’s purpose and are confident in themselves. Having less to prove to the outside world, they view life and women on a different spectrum than their younger less experienced, superficial counterparts. This makes the mature single male demographic the perfect platform for the plus sized woman to explore.

Dating after 40 is a completely different matter than when you were younger. For the over 40 bachelor, dating is essential and they are looking for a woman who will not only satisfy their need for spontaneity but also for a partner in life. But what do mature men find attractive and can a plus-sized woman fill the bill? Of course, she can!  

6 Traits that Mature Men Find Attractive in Women:

  1.  The Common Ground:  All of us are looking for common ground in our potential partner and mature men are no different. Be yourself. Dress and act your age. Let your true inner light shine. That is attractive!
  2. Curves, Curves, Curves! Men of all ages love curves! Numerous poles and surveys have been taken on just this topic. What do mature men find to be the ideal female body type? Curves! Something to hold on to, softness around the edges-that is far more attractive to most men over 40 than women who are stick thin.  
  3. Honesty, Please! Mature men value honesty just as women do. You are looking for a relationship, maybe even a lasting one, how are you going to accomplish that if you are not honest with him? Divorce rates are high. Chances are he has already been married, divorced, and has been emotionally burned in the process. Honesty is key-always.
  4. Be Confident, Girl! A confident woman is attractive at any age. Inferiority complexes are not attractive. Neither is poor self-esteem. Show maturity within yourself. You are no longer that shy girl who got overlooked. Weight has nothing to do with it. How do you view yourself? If you see yourself as attractive you will be!
  5. Assertiveness: Mature men look for a woman who is not afraid to make the first move. Assertiveness is sexy but be careful not to overdo it! Aggressiveness can be a turn off. Just be comfortable in your own skin. And know yourself and what you enjoy!
  6. A Need for a Partner: Aren’t we all looking for this, girls? For younger men, this is not a great need. Younger men go out and enjoy themselves dating different women. The mature man is looking for a partner; someone to share their life with-one on one. He is looking for a special lady that he can spend time with, laugh, and love with.

If you are looking for men who will value you for you, men who will look beyond the scale and see the true gem that you are, then look for a mature man. They are the undiscussed group with a wealth of love and excitement to explore. Try this demographic-your prince charming just might be there!