10 Best BBW Dating Sites

10 Best BBW Dating Sites

Reviews of the Best 10 BBW Dating Sites

If you’re looking to meet that perfect match and you’re carrying a few extra pounds, or you’re just attracted to plus sized people then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed some of the best BBW dating websites and apps so that you don’t have to worry about searching around trying to find the right site through trial and error. We’re your go to source for all the inside information on the best dating sites in the category.

Why should you use a BBW dating site? It’s not always easy trying to connect offline with the right match. For one we all live busy lives these days and find it hard to find the time, but it can be that much more difficult if you’re carrying a few extra pounds. It’s not always easy finding a soulmate that’s not going to judge you for the few extra pounds you’re carrying, so by turning to a dating site in this niche you can be sure you have the best chance of finding someone that’s actually the right fit for you.

There are lots of different sites to choose from in the plus sized dating niche, and at BBWsdatingsites.com we do our best to breakdown all of the major features and benefits of each site for you. We’ve done all the homework for you so that you can make an informed decision.


bbwornot homepage

#1 Curvy - 100% Free BBW Dating App

With all the dating sites around the internet you might be at a loss as to which is the best one for you. There are dating sites for people of all shapes and sizes, including bigger woman and men – even this niche has lots to choose from. How does a site stand out in such a crowded market? By offering potential users something just a little bit different. CURVY does this by offering you a familiar tinder like style interface that most of us have grown used to these days. Familiarity is always nice when you're venturing into the dating market – let's face it, meeting new people is intimidating enough without having to deal with unfamiliar surroundings.

wooplus app

#2 WooPlus.com

Using a dating app to connect with potential matches can be quite a different experience from the traditional dating web sites many of us are familiar with. For one thing the mobile platform is often much more limited than the full website version, but in the case of the WooPlus dating app that isn’t the case because the Apple app is currently the only place you can access this dating platform. The developers do indicate that they are working on an Android app, but at the time of this writing it isn’t available yet. There doesn’t appear to be any plans for a full website version...

large friends home

#3 LargeFriends.com

Getting involved in the dating scene is always a little intimidating no matter what your background, but if you’re a plus sized person it can be an even more difficult task. There’s always the though in the back of your mind that you’re going to be judged, but there are places you can go and feel comfortable with dating again. One such place is a dating website called Largefriends.com – it’s not the only plus sized dating site around, but it does offer some enticing features you won’t find anywhere else. With things like a dating ideas section, greeting cards, and forums this is more than just your average dating site.

bbw cupid icon

#4 BBWCupid.com

If you’re looking for a great place to connect with plus size singles then BBWcupid.com is a great alternative. This site is backed by great credentials as it’s part of the Cupid Media network that’s well known for offering great niche dating sites. The sites been around a while as well – it was established in 2005 and it’s been connecting great people all over the world ever since. Best of all, it’s free to join so there’s no reason not to get started today. When you visit BBWcupid.com for the first time you’re bound to be impressed. This is definitely a professional looking site, that’s well organized, and full of features.

BBW chubby

#5 ChubbyBunnie.com

How do you feel when you hear word "chubby"? Does this word sound cute for you or rather disgusting and gross? For sure for all BBW admirers, chubby is something cute and desired. That’s the reason why the next dating service we would like to present is called Chubby Bunnie. It’s a dating site for all plus size ladies and their fans across the world. With a bunch of great features and huge database of users, this web is super efficient when it comes to finding love and partner for marriage...

Thebigandthebeautiful home

#6 Thebigandthebeautiful.com

For a dating site to catch your attention it needs to have a professional appearance, but still maintain a certain simplicity about it that doesn’t overwhelm the visitor. Far too many dating sites bombard you with information and special promotions before you get beyond their splash page. Thebigandthebeautiful.com is not one of these sites. This site’s landing page features a stunning plus sized model, a simple logo, and the option to join up or login. Nice, simple, and to the point...

bbpeoplemeet logo

#7 BBPeoplemeet.com

When you land on BBpeoplemeet.com’s landing page for the first time what you’ll find is a pretty simple page that features dozens of member snapshots to give you an idea of what you’ll find inside. This is quite unique and refreshing. It gives you the impression of a site that’s completely open and honest. This seems like a pretty convincing way to entice people to choose your site as their go-to dating destination...

bbw admire logo

#8 BBWadmire.com

If you want to find the perfect match to spend a lifetime with, but you’re just not in to the traditional dating scene online dating is a great alternative. There are a lot of options to choose from in a lot of different niches, but if you fit into the plus sized category there are also lots of sites to choose from. BBWadmire.com is one such alternative and what makes this site stand out is the amount of free services they offer. There are certainly benefits to upgrading to a premium membership, but you can actually make real connections even if you’re not willing to do so...

feabie logo

#9 Feabie.com

Traditional dating sites are not for everyone. No matter how well produced they are, or how many bells and whistles they have they’re still a little impersonal. Feabie.com is something just a little bit different. This isn’t what you’d call a traditional dating site, it’s more of a social networking system that gives you the potential to meet new and interesting people that you may or may not end up developing a romantic interest in. Most people on this site just start out as friends chatting – it sure takes the pressure out of dating...

large passions

#10 Largepassions.com

If you’re a little overweight, or an admirer of overweight people, Largepassions.com is a great alternative to the mainstream dating sites most of us are used to. This site is part of the Passions Network, which specializes in providing fun dating and social experiences for people in all kinds of different niches. They’ve been around for quite a while which has allowed them to develop and refine their experience into a user friendly one that will appeal to a lot of different people. Largepassions.com is their niche site for BBW’s and BHM’s – if this is you then this site may be just the dating experience you’ve been looking for...