What makes BbwCupid.com the best?

BBWCupid.com has been regarded as a pioneer in the BBW dating segment, since its inception. The website has strived to bridge the gap that once existed between plus sized women and their admirers. In addition to this, it has also encouraged BBWs to be happy about the way they look, thereby boosting acceptance. Despite the fact that there are over 2000 websites in the BBW dating segment and the competition has only increased over the years, BBWCupid.com has stood the sands of time, emerging victorious in every aspect.

Here are a few reasons that make BBWCupid.com stand out from the competition:

  • Easy to use: The sign of a great website is the way it engages its audiences. As a matter of fact, when a website is easy to use, it attracts users from all age groups and wouldn’t be restricted to a particular stratum of the society. On the other hand, users of dating sites look for simplicity and hate going through a steep learning curve. BBWCupid.com manages to serve both experienced as well as those new to the idea of online BBW dating.
  • Have a balanced male to female ratio: Websites that are biased towards a particular sex aren’t very likely to succeed in the long run. Given the fact that BBWCupid.com has survived in the cut – throat competition for over a decade, there is no doubt about this site’s effectiveness in bringing together plus sized women and their admirers. A balanced male to female ration also ensures every member of the website has a great chance of finding an ideal companion.
  • The availability of top – notch communication options: Over the years, online BBW dating sites have replaced conventional dating. Besides, users now expect the site to be packed with various communication options so that users can interact with like – minded people with relatively great ease. BBWCupid.com included top – notch features such as the email client and instant messenger. Furthermore, the addition of blogs and forums add to the depth.
  • Privacy options: It has been noticed that a lot of websites in the BBW dating segment don’t pay attention to the privacy aspect. While some websites use unfair practices and share sensitive information to other firms, others fail to offer privacy filters thereby making your information accessible to other users, regardless of whether or not they’ve upgraded their membership.
  • Subscription Options: Affordability is one of the main parameters people take into consideration while choosing a BBW dating site. With Gold membership of this site starting from as low as $8.33 per month and platinum membership from $10 per month, BBWCupid.com is certainly a preferred choice among users.

All in all, BBWCupid.com is a clear winner in the BBW dating segment and is likely to remain at the top of the stack in the years to come.