10 Best BBW Dating Sites

10 Best BBW Dating Sites

BBWornot Reviews

With all the dating sites around the internet you might be at a loss as to which is the best one for you. There are dating sites for people of all shapes and sizes, including bigger woman and men – even this niche has lots to choose from. How does a site stand out in such a crowded market? By offering potential users something just a little bit different. BBWornot.com does this by offering you a familiar social media style interface that most of us have grown used to these days. Familiarity is always nice when you’re venturing into the dating market – let’s face it, meeting new people is intimidating enough without having to deal with unfamiliar surroundings.

When you access the landing page for the first time you’ll be forgiven if you think you’re visiting your Facebook page. This site’s splash page has a very familiar feel for Facebook users – you can also sign up using your Facebook account if you want. It’s nice to have options.

Sign Up

As we’ve eluded to above the easiest way to sign up for BBWornot.com is by using your existing Facebook account, but you can sign up  for a separate standalone account if you prefer. When you choose the latter option you’ll have to answer a few simple questions about your preferences, provide a brief description of yourself, and a brief description of the type of person you’re looking for – that’s all there is to it. After that you’ll have full access to all of the sites features.


Did I mention there are no costs to use this site? It’s completely free! This is a site designed to be a forum for people to meet. It looks like a social media site and it acts like a social media site. You can access all of its features without ever paying a single dime. There are no premium options, just the same level of access to everyone at no charge. What makes it even better is that you don’t have to put up with any advertisements. You would think with a free site they might have to use advertisements to pay for the site, but there are no ads at all. This seems to be a relatively new site so this may change with time, but for now it remains completely free.


There are some pretty cool features included in this site. These include:

  • Free instant chat sessions
  • You can create albums and upload up to 50 photos to your profile
  • You can comment on any photo or profile without limits
  • Upload videos
  • Join groups
  • Free blog

There are some great features on this site, which are only likely to get better as the site grows.

Why Join BBWornot?

The simplest answer to this question is because the site is free, but that’s not the only reason. The social media style interface is well designed and there are a lot of features here that most people will find familiar such as instant chat sessions and a newsfeed. The color scheme is even similar to Facebook! The one big drawback to this site though is that it doesn’t have a lot of users yet, but with its user friendly atmosphere and the great price tag (free!), there’s a good chance this site is going to take off.


If you’re looking to get involved in a new and exciting dating app as it grows into something larger this may be just the site you’ve been looking for. It does have some great features, but it doesn’t have a very large database of users yet. If you want a large pool of matches to choose from this site may not be for you – at least not yet!