10 Best BBW Dating Sites

10 Best BBW Dating Sites

Thebigandthebeautiful reviews

For a dating site to catch your attention it needs to have a professional appearance, but still maintain a certain simplicity about it that doesn’t overwhelm the visitor. Far too many dating sites bombard you with information and special promotions before you get beyond their splash page. Thebigandthebeautiful.com is not one of these sites. This site’s landing page features a stunning plus sized model, a simple logo, and the option to join up or login. Nice, simple, and to the point.

This site exudes sophistication with the very first impression it makes upon you, and as they say, first impressions are everything. It’s not a new comer to the plus size dating scene either – this sites been connecting plus sized individuals and their admirers since 2008.  If you want to get a look at the sites background before you sign up you’ll find a lot of helpful links at the bottom of the main landing page – including a great FAQ page.

Sign Up

There are some dating sites that basically ask you to write your own autobiography during the sing up process – this is not one of those. It’s a good thing too, because those sites just tend to give you a bad taste in your mouth right off the bat. This isn’t the simplest sign up process you’ll find in the dating world, but it strikes the right balance between the need for information to create you a great profile and the need to keep things as simple as possible to prevent people from getting frustrated.

There are two sections. In the first one all you have to do is indicate if you’re looking for a man or woman, the age range of the person you’re looking for, and where you’re looking to meet for. In the second section you’ll answer some slightly more in depth questions such as indicating your gender, height, body type, eye color, hair color, and ethnicity. You can also upload a picture as well if you like although it’s not required.  After that you’re ready to get started on your dating journey.


A basic membership is free and you can do a fair bit with it. You can send some messages as long as you’ve included a photo, but you cannot use the instant chat features. If you want access to all the premium features, you have to sign up for a paid membership. The costs are pretty reasonable and are outlined below:

  • 1 month membership is $49 per month
  • 3 month membership is $36 per month (1 payment of $108)
  • Yearly membership is $15 per month (1 payment of $189)

The 3 month membership is probably the best option – no doubt most of us are hoping it won’t take a year to find the right match. Thebigandthebeautiful.com accepts payment by all major credit cards, as well as PayPal.


Basic Membership will let you:

  • Browse member profiles
  • Send simple messages as long as you include a picture

Premium Membership:

  • Top search listings
  • Instant messaging
  • Email messaging with or without pictures
  • Exclusive access to new members for the first 6 hours
  • Your profile’s highlighted in searches
  • Premium member badge

Why Join Thebigandthebeautiful.com?

The Big and the Beautiful does one thing better than almost any other plus sized dating site out there – it actually matches you up with people in your geographical area. This isn’t as common as you might think.  It also keeps things simple by providing you with a constantly updating set of potential matches with thumbnail photos you can click to see their profile. You don’t have to play any matchmaking games – you have complete control of who you meet up with.

What’s another great feature of this site? You won’t have to put up with being bombarded by ads. The site keeps things nice and simple, with no clutter or distractions. It’s a much better design than you’ll find on most dating sites.


If you’re looking for one of the best plus sized dating sites on the web, thebigandthebeautiful.com definitely qualifies. This site is professional and pleasing to the eye. It does a great job of matching you up with people that actually live in your area, and it’s reasonably priced. This is the place to go if you want to find the perfect plus sized partner.